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Soft Toys (Dolls, Plush Toys, etc)

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  1. Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Lamb Medium

    Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Lamb Medium

    The closest thing to cuddling a cloud, Fuddlewuddle Lamb is so huggably cute. A bubbly and sweet, soft toy to keep with a gentle two-tone face and ears. She’s a little nervous with new people, but very friendly when she knows you well- buddy up with a sweet, shy sheep! SAFETY & CARE Tested to an Learn More
    Rp 410,000
  2. JellyCat - Bashful Bunny

    JellyCat - Bashful Bunny

    Smal : High 18cm Medium : High 31cm Large : High 36cm Bashful Bluebell Bunny is no hot cross bun - she’s more of a blueberry cutie-pie! Snuggly and warm, with soft, soft ears, this tumbly bunny loves to roll in the meadow. Take a picnic hamper with plenty of veggies and set off on a hi Learn More
    Rp 235,000
  3. JellyCat - I am Tutu Lulu Bunny

    JellyCat - I am Tutu Lulu Bunny

    One Size High 23cm Tutu Lulu Pink Bunny has such fun dancing! When she springs and spins in her pretty pink tutu, she looks like a little raspberry smoothie! She never wins prizes because her steps are so unique - she’ll glide and point her paw, then do a roly-poly! We love her special style o Learn More
    Rp 250,000
  4. JellyCat - Chime Chums Dino Soother

    JellyCat - Chime Chums Dino Soother

    The Chime Chums Dinosaur Soother has been retired. Gets our stomp of approval.Colour: Green Learn More
    Rp 275,000
  5. JellyCat - Caramel Bunny

    JellyCat - Caramel Bunny

    One Size High 27Cm Perky-eared and a little quirky, Caramel Bunny is larger than life! Her big cuddly feet and paws mean she gives amazing bedtime cuddles, and her two-tone fur of caramel and cream gives her fabulous velvety trousers! Sit this bun in the sun on her beany bottom for an excellent Learn More
    Rp 320,000
  6. Jellycat - Tutu Lulu Strawberry Bunny

    Jellycat - Tutu Lulu Strawberry Bunny

    Nobody could call Tutu Lulu Strawberry Bunny shy. This daring dancer loves to make up new moves, with cartwheels and twists and fancy flourishes! But even though her dance moves are tough, her fruity-pink fur is so silky soft. Even a genius needs a big old cuddle sometimes.
    Learn More
    Rp 250,000
  7. Jellycat - Tutu Lulu Lilac Bunny

    Jellycat - Tutu Lulu Lilac Bunny

    Tutu Lulu Lilac Bunny has matched her bow, tutu and fur - what a glamorous ballerina! She’s styled her elegant ears just so, and is ready to go on with the show! Her top tip for dancing is to try your best and always leap high with a smile on your face. And definitely have an aftershow snug Learn More

    Rp 250,000
  8. JellyCat - My Junggle Book

    JellyCat - My Junggle Book

    Who could it be with those stripey, furry paws? Are they yours? And how about those fancy splotchy hooves? Whose are whose? My Jungle Book is such a treat for tots, with a soft tie for cots and car seats with pages of fur and fun! Play guessing games, tell tales or simply squeeze those loveable legg Learn More
    Rp 225,000
  9. Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Monkey Medium

    Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Monkey Medium

    Tiny Tarzans, meet your new best friend: Fuddlewuddle Monkey is ripply ruffly soft and ready to get into all kinds of trouble! But if you snuggle his soft ginger tummy, he’ll soon forget his pranks and tricks. A big monkey smile and a fudge-coloured face make this cheeky chimp unforgettably cute. Learn More
    Rp 410,000
  10. Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Lion Large

    Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Lion Large

    Why has Fuddlewuddle Lion got such gorgeous fudge fur? Is it a disguise for going to the beach? We think he tumbled into a tub of toffee, but that doesn’t explain his lovely amber mane! This squidgy-soft lion is silky and sweet, and though he’s meant to be fierce, he’s really a vegetarian! His Learn More
    Rp 720,000
  11. Jellycat Snagglebaggle Ursula Unicorn

    Jellycat Snagglebaggle Ursula Unicorn

    This is the enchanting Snagglebaggle Ursula Unicorn, she is a 35cm soft toy made by the popular London based manufacturer - Jellycat. Ursula is made using super soft cream plush with a long fluffy pink plush mane and tail, her tummy is made from a corduroy textured cream plush. Ursula's horn is ma Learn More
    Rp 480,000
  12. Jellycat Snagglebaggle Lawrence Lion

    Jellycat Snagglebaggle Lawrence Lion

    This is Lawrence the wonderful Snagglebaggle Lion, he is a 35cm soft toy made by the popular London based manufacturer - Jellycat. Lawrence is made using super soft golden coloured plush with fluffy brown plush mane and tip of his tail and a corduroy textured plush tummy. His teeth and claws are m Learn More
    Rp 480,000
  13. Jellycat Sweetie Kitten

    Jellycat Sweetie Kitten

    Sweetie Kitten is a bluey-grey cutie, with long, beany arms and soft tussly fur. This pretty kitty sits up attentively, curious about the world. With pink suedey ears and a nuzzly cream muzzle, she's just adorably friendly. Tickle her tail and cuddle her tight and she'll tell you lots of silly stori Learn More
    Rp 360,000
  14. Jellycat - BB444R If I Were a Rabbit Book

    Jellycat - BB444R If I Were a Rabbit Book

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a floppy, hoppy bunny? Well, this mischievous story comes complete with a special pom-pom tail to stroke whilst you read! If I Were A Bunny is sure to set noses twitching at bedtime! Heigh: 15cm Learn More
    Rp 190,000
  15. Jellycat - If I Were a Monkey Board Book

    Jellycat - If I Were a Monkey Board Book

    Let their imaginations run wild with the If I Were A Monkey Board Book. A strong, book with easy-grip pages and a long, soft buttercream tail, it’s a perfect gift for little learners! And because it’s Little Jellycat, we made sure some sillyness was mixed in too. A gift that helps make reading i Learn More
    Rp 190,000
  16. JellyCat - Cheeky Monkey Soother

    JellyCat - Cheeky Monkey Soother

    One Size High 23Cm Tuckered-out tots can snooze on the spot with the Cheeky Monkey Soother. Our gingery gent makes a very soft pillow for noontime naps and sudden slumbers. With arms wide open for a great big hug and a monkey smile on his buttercream face, this funny friend is a travel treasure. Learn More
    Rp 225,000
  17. Jellycat - Tutu Lulu Bluebell Bunny

    Jellycat - Tutu Lulu Bluebell Bunny

    Leaping onto the stage in her pretty purple costume, it’s Tutu Lulu Bluebell Bunny! This hard-working rabbit has been practising so hard to get her points and twizzles just right for the show! Her favourite song to move to is ‘The Dance of the Sugar Plum Bunny’, and she can&rs Learn More
    Rp 250,000
  18. Jellycat - Bashful Monkey Star Musical Pull

    Jellycat - Bashful Monkey Star Musical Pull

    Swinging from his caffe-latte coloured star, Bashful Monkey likes nothing better than when he's gently pulled and can hear the tune of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' play out loud. His friendly grin ever present, he's a cute companion in any cot.

    Learn More
    Rp 405,000
  19. Jellycat - Fuddlewuddle Puppy Medium

    Jellycat - Fuddlewuddle Puppy Medium

    Adorable, loveable, squidgeable, irresistibly silky-soft and huggable: Fuddlewuddle Puppy, it’s undoubtable, is completely and utterly un-put-downable!

    Learn More
    Rp 345,000
  20. Jellycat - Farm Tails Boing Ball

    Jellycat - Farm Tails Boing Ball

    It’s so much fun playing with the Farm Tails Boing Ball. Toddlers can learn about cows, pigs and sheep, and practise their throwing and catching too! It’s even better if the ball falls - when it lands on the ground, there’s a funny ‘boing!’ sound Why not play an anim Learn More

    Rp 165,000
  21. Jellycat - Cinnamon Bear Medium

    Jellycat - Cinnamon Bear Medium

    If ever there was a forever bear, it would surely be sweet Cinnamon Bear. Tawny and auburn, with a honeypot tummy, he’s the Jellycat answer to traditional bears. With beans in his bottom, he sits up well, and is happy to rest on a bed or a table. Soft, ruffled and so, so gentle, he’ Learn More
    Rp 320,000
  22. Jellycat - Chime Chum Dinosaur

    Jellycat - Chime Chum Dinosaur

    Chime Chum Dino loves to strut about and show off his dashing soft spines. Soft as a jumper in funky mossy green, he has white and grey ribbons all down his back. It must be all of the leaves he eats! If you help him stomp like a big stegosaurus, he’ll ring out a mighty dinosaur chorus!Learn More
    Rp 350,000
  23. Jellycat - Blossom Bashful Cream Bunny Star Musical Pull

    Jellycat - Blossom Bashful Cream Bunny Star Musical Pull

    Blossom Bashful Bunny loves to make music and here she swings from the musical pull that sings out 'Hush Little Baby'. A perfect comforting companion for any baby in their cot, the velcro strap at the top means it can be positioned almost anywhere.

    Learn More
    Rp 405,000
  24. Jellycat - Bella Bunny Night Time

    Jellycat - Bella Bunny Night Time

    Bella Bunny Night Time has gotten into her super jimjams, and is waiting for a bedtime story! Her pink and white peppermint pyjamas look adorable against her soft white fur, and it won’t be long before this sleepy sweetie is yawning and dreaming of delicious radish cakes!

    Learn More
    Rp 405,000
  25. Jellycat - Bedtime Bunny Musical Pull

    Jellycat - Bedtime Bunny Musical Pull

    Oops-a-daisy! Looks like someone tripped over the Moon! The Bedtime Bunny Musical Pull is a gorgeous gift for a boy or girl. We adore the pretty floral patterns and the soft over-cot hanger - Baby will love making music before bed, especially the soft, chiming melody of Scubert's Lullaby. Our gor Learn More

    Rp 405,000
  26. Jellycat - Beatrice Bunny

    Jellycat - Beatrice Bunny

    Beatrice (who in her spare time is a top notch pianist!) is dressed to impress in a pretty little outfit that can be swapped with any of her Floral Friends. With soft furry paws and cute as a button nose she charms and delights quite possibly all she meets.

    Learn More
    Rp 265,000
  27. Jellycat - Bashful Monkey Soother

    Jellycat - Bashful Monkey Soother

    Bashful Monkey clutches to this silky soft soother, it's just too irresistible to let go of! The soother is rolled up tight and presented with a ribbon, but once undone countless cuddles abound and Bashful Monkey in the corner will keep smiling!

    Learn More
    Rp 305,000
  28. Jellycat - Bashful Monkey Large

    Jellycat - Bashful Monkey Large

    Made of beautiful silky smooth Bashful fur in a scrummy creamy chocolatey colour, this monkey swings through the trees as fast as can be, to become a number one playmate- understandably!

    Learn More
    Rp 465,000
  29. Jellycat - Bashful Lion Medium

    Jellycat - Bashful Lion Medium

    For the King of the Beasts, Bashful Lion is looking sweetly, well, bashful! He wants a caring companion to ruffle his luxurious caramel mane. Give this squeezy, butter-bellied big cat a snuggle - it can be lonely being boss!

    Learn More
    Rp 325,000
  30. Jellycat - Bashful Dino Medium

    Jellycat - Bashful Dino Medium

    Most dinosaurs were scaly and tough, but Bashful Dino is the softest stegosaurus we’ve ever snuggled! He likes to stomp around so his squishy spines wobble, and practise his adorable roar. But how did he get so gorgeously green? Perhaps it’s all that grass he’s been eating!

    Learn More
    Rp 325,000

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